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I am Adam McCaffrey, and I am a licensed clinical social worker and licensed masters level addiction counselor.  I have been in the mental health field for the past 14 years and have worked with clients with a wide range of ages and problems.


Going to see a counselor can be a difficult thing to decide to do, so I believe in making clients feel comfortable and establishing a positive and supportive relationship with them.  My approach to counseling is to be non-judgmental as I help clients reach goals and make the changes they want, at their pace. I also believe it's the role of a counselor to challenge clients and help motivate them to reach their goals and make the changes they want to. 

As I’ve worked with clients to make changes in their lives, I’ve observed that they often stumble before they reach their goals or are able to see  progress in the hard work they’ve done. Making the changes necessary to reach goals is difficult. We all have a tendency to stumble -- often we stumble just before we summit the mountain and are able to enjoy the view from our climb.  It’s my goal as a therapist to help clients accomplish their goals so that they can benefit from the hard work they’ve invested in themselves. 

We all face difficulties in our lives; those difficulties vary by type, intensity, and timing.  Each of us is individually created, and each of us copes with difficulties differently.  No matter what the problem is or when it happens, I believe that people have the courage to change, strength to recover, and power to heal!  

Areas I can help











Life adjustments

Age Range 

12 & up


Bachelors in Family -

     Manhattan Christian College

Masters in Counseling -

     Lincoln Christian University

Masters in Social Work -

     Washburn University


  • LSCSW - Licensed Specialized Clinical       Social Worker

  • LMAC - Licensed Masters Addiction Counselor     

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